Located in southern Lee County, Shannon MS is a small town just a few minutes from Tupelo and the newly announced Toyota Wellspring site.

So come visit Us! Feel free to look around, we are sure you'll meet a friendly face after all *WE ARE* celebrating 151 years of small town charm.

We welcome you to our Town of Shannon official web site. We are excited about this new service for our citizens as it will be a way to communicate with you and keep you updated on events happening here and around us. If you are new to the area we invite you to browse our web site to see what Shannon has to offer. And we certainly encourage you to think of Shannon as a new foundation for your family and to make Shannon a place for your home or business.

Shannon is located in the rolling hills of the northeast part of our state. Shannon sits very proudly on a ridge on the southern end of Lee County. Shannon’s founder Samuel Shannon traded horses to Chief Levi Colbert in exchange for land. The town with its sons and daughters has played a part in the making and forming of Lee County. It was Shannon’s own Senator Colonel John H. Simonton who introduced the bill in the Mississippi Legislature creating Lee County out of Pontotoc and Itawamba.

Shannon has come a long way since the glory days in the 1800’s when the railroad first laid the tracks through here. In its early years residents and businesses enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a railroad town. Town historians tell that Shannon was the place to be on Saturday, then came the pouring of asphalt and the decline of the railway. Stores either shut their doors or moved to be better accessible on the major highway. Shannon like so many railroad towns slowly declined. Remnants of our heritage and our colorful past can still be seen in the old part of town. But the people didn’t give up they persevered and adapted quite nicely to a quieter life. Today descendants of those first pioneers make up a great percentage of the residents who still call Shannon home.

The railroad tracks represent the past and the future of our small town you might even call it the road that leads to home. So many left but so many have returned. The strawberries represent the bygone era when Constantine Shannon and his wife traveled to Florida to bring back strawberry plants and introduced them to the Shannon area. For years Shannon was widely known as a large strawberry territory shipping strawberries by railroad cars all over the United States. The honeybee well I guess you could say sort of represents us here, always buzzing around doing our own thing. The Homan honeybee business is the oldest family owned business still in existence today.

Today we take pride in being on the quiet side of county with our relaxed country living where traditions of family, faith, and brotherly love make up who we are today. With our can do spirit still protecting our family values and our cultures for future generations.

Good things are happening here and we are poised for growth. The interchange of our major highways 45 and 45 alternate will take motorists any direction you need to go. We are twenty minutes from Tupelo and the Barnes Crossing Mall twenty minutes from Highway 78 and soon to be five minutes from Highway 6.

So come visit us! Feel free to look around. We are sure you’ll meet a friendly face. After all, we are celebrating 151 years of small town charm.


Town of Shannon , MS - Mayor Ronnie Hallmark
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