Shannon Fire and Rescue
Dial 911


Shannon Fire Chief   Chris Abernathy

The Shannon Fire Department started in 1957 with only a few volunteers.

As the times changed so did the needs of the community. Because of the different roles we play it is now known as the Shannon Fire and Rescue.

The one thing that has not changed is all the firefighters and first responders are all still volunteers without pay saving the town lots of money.

The fire department is the first line of defense whether it be fire, wreck, medical or natural disaster. That is why we continually train to meet all emergency needs.


Shannon Fire has 2 Fire trucks - 2 Rescue trucks and a Haz-Mat trailer.


Town of Shannon , MS - Mayor Ronnie Hallmark
225 Broad Street, Shannon, MS 38868
PHONE:(662) 767-9747 - FAX:(662) 767-3206 



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