The Board of Alderman and I bid you welcome to our new town website.

Our town leaders and employees work very hard at providing quality and affordable services to all our citizens.

The town maintains 3 water wells with 300,000 gallons of water in storage. This gives the fire department more water and pressure if needed for a large fire. We are equipped with emergency backup generators in case of power outages water can still be pumped.

Shannon is only 1 of 2 municipalities in Lee County that operates its own gas system with a direct hot line to Texas Eastern who furnishes our natural gas.

Our police and fire personnel are highly trained in every aspect of emergency situations. Our police officers strive to protect and serve providing with a safe and peaceful environment in which to work and live.

Our Shannon Fire and Rescue department is manned by volunteers. Since 1957 fire department volunteers have been providing their services to the Town and surrounding area at no cost. 

As mayor it has been a great place to raise my children and now my grandchildren. We have excellent schools to boast about--Shannon Primary, Elementary, Junior High and High School. My children are all Shannon High School graduates and now my grandchildren are attending the Shannon School system. My children have chosen to remain here, to make Shannon their home, and raise their families. Whatever decisions that I make not only affects your family but mine as well.   

Our budget is balanced and I make sure prudent stewardship of our financial resources is practiced. It guarantees our future

I take great pride in the cooperation between our board of aldermen and myself. We have a strong commitment in working together that goes with our motto doing what is best for our citizens and the betterment of our community. With our partnerships with Lee County Board of Supervisors, Three River Planning and Development, and Community Development we are able to attend workshops and meetings and get the help we need in planning for our future.

With the construction of the new Toyota plant we are hoping that the southern side of the county starts to see some off springs of the business needed to support the car manufacturer

We have the potential for growth and are ready when something comes our way. There are existing buildings and properties available. If you are interested in knowing what we have to offer give me a call at 662-767-9747 



Town of Shannon , MS - Mayor Ronnie Hallmark
225 Broad Street, Shannon, MS 38868
PHONE:(662) 767-9747 - FAX:(662) 767-3206 



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